Terry Rogers was born in the small city Epps, Louisiana outside of Monroe. He is the oldest of four siblings being the only boy.  His parents relocated to the city of Texarkana when Terry was five years old.  He became a long time resident of Texarkana USA from that day to present. He attended Carver Elementary School, Booker T. Washington High School and Arkansas Senior High School with the graduating class of 1972.  He is a member of the Mt. Grove Baptist Church.

At a very early age Terry developed a love for sports of all kind: football, basketball, baseball, and etc.  He became active at the Arkansas Boys & Girls Club at the age of eight.  He loved being at the club so much that he would walk the six mile distance from home.  He was at the Boys & Girls Club so frequently that at the age of fourteen he was given his first job by the director of the Club who saw so much heart and drive in Terry. 

He began at that time in 1968 to befriend, mentor, father, shape, and devote his time to a number of youth that cannot be numbered. He sacrificed himself and his family to give time and attention to other youth who had no male figure in their lives.  In his thirty years with the Club, he was the director, coach, father, big brother, mentor, friend, van driver, taxi cab driver, concession stand worker, janitor, and etc.

After leaving the Boys & Girls Club, Terry began driving the school bus for the Texarkana Arkansas School District. He still had to have kids around him and in his life. He drove the bus for twenty years before he retired.

Sickness struck Terry’s body in 2017 but he is truly a fighter. Terry is known and loved by so many which has kept him strong and pushing through this setback. Terry has seven children of his own who also had to go through being a part of the mentoring, being janitor, concession stand workers or whatever their dad needed them to be. Parents trusted Terry with their children because they knew the he strived to create a Safe Haven for “kids to be kids” and have a warm, safe, and fun environment.

Terry Rogers BIO